Top 5 games for 2-players

Whilst lots of games are suitable to be played with two players, not all of them are at their best with limited numbers. These are the 2-player games that we think stand out above the rest:

  1. Patchwork – yes, as in…quilting. Trust us – it’s a good one! It may seem a bit odd that someone has created a game based on patchwork or quilting, but Uwe Rosenberg is a master games designer and he has turned a somewhat unusual topic into a brilliant two-player game.
  2. Hanamikoji – you try to win over 7 illustrious geishas in the most famed geisha street in the old capital, Hanamikoji. It’s a beautiful game that’s quick to learn; that doesn’t mean it’s a simple game though – plenty of strategy is needed to win!
  3. Jaipur – you are both traders in the city of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. You are buying and selling leather, gold and diamonds, amongst other good, while keeping an eye on your competitor to see what he or she is doing. The longer you can hold on to your goods and sell a large amount at once, the bigger your reward will be. However, hold on too long and your opponent might beat you to it and scope up the big rewards. This is a real fun risk-and-reward game you’ll play over and over. Oh…and don’t forget about your camels!
  4. Azul – this is a beautiful and uncomplicated game. You draft tiles on each turn to decorate your player board, which represents one of the walls of the Royal Palace of Evora. Easy to learn, enjoyable to play.
  5. Unlock – have your own escape room at home! The Unlock games are card-based games where you solve clues, riddles and questions on each card, or a combination of cards. You use an app to help you with clues, unlock and check for codes.