What are Roll and Write Games?

Roll and write games are exactly as the name suggests – you roll the dice and then you write, or mark, something on a piece of paper or wipeable sheet. These are usually small and quick games. We think they’re a fun alternative to regular board games and definitely worth a try! Usually they’re the kind of game where the more you play it, the more you develop your personal strategy to win.

Some of our favourite roll and write games:

  • Ganz Schön Clever (That’s Pretty Clever). You start with 6 colourful dice, select 3 of them each round and try to mark as many numbers of your sheet. Sounds very simple but boy does it get competitive in the last rounds. Trying to create that chain reaction of bonuses will be all you can think about!
  • Railroad Ink. Create your network of roads and train lines. Trying to get the longest road/line could be your key to winning this game!
  • Welcome to…Your Perfect Home. Your board is a new neighbourhood that you’re building. Using cards, you select various actions (building parks, fences, swimming pools…) in order to bring life to your neighbourhood. Each action has associated consequences and this is how you score points. Who will build the best neighbourhood and score the most points? Bring out your inner architect!