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Railroad Ink: Deep Blue

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Credits: 1

No of Players: 1-6 players
Age Range: 8+
Playing Time: 20-30 mins


In the multiplayer puzzle game Railroad Ink, your goal is to connect as many exits on your board as possible. Each round, a set of dice are rolled in the middle of the table, determining which kind of road and railway routes are available to all players. You have to draw these routes on your erasable boards to create transport lines and connect your exits, trying to optimize the available symbols better than your opponents.

The more exits you connect, the more points you score at the end of the game, but you lose points for each incomplete route, so plan carefully! Will you press your luck and try to stretch your transportation network to the next exit, or will you play it safe and start a new, simpler to manage route?

Railroad Ink comes in two versions, each one including two expansions with additional dice sets that add new special rules to your games. The Deep Blue Edition includes the Rivers and Lakes expansions. Increase the difficulty by adding the River route into the mix, or use the Lakes to connect your networks by ferry. These special rules can spice up things and make each game play and feel different!

1 review for Railroad Ink: Deep Blue

  1. Suzanna

    Loved it! It was a game we definitely wanted to try. Was really fun getting to try the river and lake dice. Loved how you can play this game anywhere!

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