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(2 customer reviews)

Credits: 2

No of Players: 2-5 players
Age Range: 7+
Playing Time: 35 mins
Difficulty: 4 / 10


In Carcassonne, players build the area surrounding this impressive city, one tile at a time. They then place a meeple on fields, cities, roads or monasteries in order to score as many points as possible. These meeples will become knights, monks, farmers and thieves, depending on where they are placed. No matter their function, the player who will most cleverly use their meeples will win the game!

2 reviews for Carcassonne

  1. Catherine Moss

    Good fun. Easy to understand the rules. Would recommend as a 2 player game

  2. Rebecca Manning

    Daddy & son loved this game, easy to understand and fun to play. Every game was different.

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