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(5 customer reviews)

Credits: 1

No of Players: 1-4 players
Age Range: 6+
Playing Time: 10-15 mins
Difficulty: 2 / 10


The Bandido card game is a cooperative game of strategy and observation for the entire family. Join forces to stop the prisoner from escaping through the tunnels. Bandido is the game where cooperation and intuition catch the bad guy.

5 reviews for Bandido

  1. Sara Sheppard

    We loved Bandido, a lot harder than it looks but suitable as a good family game.

  2. Leanne

    We lucked out on our first try and won. Then we realised it’s far more complex and strategic than it looks – we are still trying to win again! (unsuccessfully!)

  3. Amelia (9 years old)

    We enjoyed Bandido. A simple game to play but so much trickier than it looks

  4. Lisa Smyth

    Good co-operative game. However me and my partner couldn’t complete.

  5. KayPlaysGames

    This game is sooo addictive! Great as a solo game or 2-player co-op. Very challenging but quick, so if you lose you immediately want to play again!

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