Our current favourite mini games (April 2020)

If you have a Lazy Horse Games subscription, you will know that each month you can spend your four credits however you like. If you want to get the most games for your buck then you can choose to spend your credits on hiring 4 mini games.

These are our current favourite mini games. All of them work well as 2-player games:

  1. Ganz Schön Clever (That’s Pretty Clever) – a really fun dice game where you roll 6 dice and pick 3 of them to use on your score sheet; you either cross them off or add them to a sequence to rack up points. The dice you don’t pick will be available to your opponents so it’s important to choose wisely. Play strategically and aim to set off a chain of events to score bonus points.
  2. Okiya – imagine sitting in a beautiful Japanese garden playing Connect 4. That pretty much sums up Okiya. It’s a simple and poetic game that has a bit more body than the old fashioned Connect 4, however does contain a lot of similar elements.
  3. Hanabi – a cooperative card game where you give your team clues about which cards they hold. The tricky thing with this game is the fact that you can’t see which cards you hold so you solely rely on the clues you receive to decide which cards to play and when. A simple concept but surprisingly tricky!
  4. Silver & Gold – this game feels a bit like Tetris. You need to match the shapes to fit within your treasure map, crossing each square as you fill it with the shape. When one treasure maps is complete you move on to the next one. Score points based on how many maps you complete, the difficulty level of a map and how many bonus points you scored with your palm trees. If you were a fan of Tetris back in the day you will love this game!
  5. Deep Sea Adventure – a quick dice rolling game where you dive down from your submarine to find treasures. You share one oxygen tank between all players so be careful you don’t run out of oxygen before making it back to the submarine.