With your Lazy Horse membership, you receive 4 credits each month. The games are separated into categories and you can mix & match your four credits however you like!

Browse by Game Type

If you prefer to browse by game type then the below four options might help!

  • 2 Player Games: as the name suggests, these are our top picks for games to play with just the two of you
  • Family games: Suitable for families with children aged 8+. Easy to understand rules with some strategy involved
  • Strategy Games: Greater degree of strategy with slightly more complex rules.
  • Cooperative Games: You all work together, playing against the game itself. A great immersive and very popular style of game. Good if you don't have a competitive edge

If you would like any advice on games feel free to contact us! Tell us which games you've enjoyed playing in the past (eg. card games, cooperative games or specific game names) and we'll send you some recommendations!

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