Cooperative games we love this month (June 2020)

Sometimes it’s really nice to just loose yourself in a game, especially when you play a cooperative game where you’re all in it together. We are particularly excited about playing these games this month:

  • Forbidden Desert – From the creator of Pandemic, this is also a brilliant game. It’s not too difficult to understand the rules and makes for a great immersive game. In this cooperative game you have to find and rebuild a legendary flying machine that has been buried in the desert.
  • Unlock – We absolutely love any of the Unlock games! If you enjoy escape rooms then you will really enjoy these games. Set aside an hour, start the app and turn over the first card to get started – good luck escaping!
  • Hanabi – we simply cannot play just one round of this game. We have to play it over and over again until we win (or get close)! Hanabi is a card game where you can’t see your own cards and rely on your team mates to give you clues about which card to play. It’s may sound odd but it’s really good fun!