With your Lazy Horse membership, you receive four credits each month to spend however you like! The games are separated into four categories: premium games cost 4 credits, standard games are 3 credits, small games 2 credits and mini games cost 1 credit. Mix and match your four credits depending on which games you fancy playing that month! Don’t forget to use all four credits in one order; they will not roll over to the following month.

For example:

  1. Hire 1 Premium Game
  2. Hire 1 Standard Game + 1 Mini Game
  3. Hire 2 Small Games
  4. Hire 1 Small Game + 2 Mini Games
  5. Hire 4 Mini Games

Each order will cost four credits. If you decide to order games that have a combined value of less than four the remaining credits will be lost.

The only time credits roll over to the next month is when you don’t place an order at all.

No, we understand that some months you may be too busy to use your Lazy Horse subscription. If you don’t spend any credits your credits will roll over. You will receive four more credits the following month so you may end up with 8 credits in your account. In this case you can still only spend four credits at a time.

Please note – if you place an order but forget to use all four credits, this order will still cost you 4 credits. Your credits will only roll over if you don’t place an order at all in a month.

Great games come in all sizes. Some of our games are pocket size and some take up an entire shelve on their own. We split our games into four categories based on weight.

Our mini games cost 1 credit, small games are 2 credits, standard games cost 3 credits and premium games are 4 credits.

Each month you can spend your four credits as you wish.

No, this is not an option. You will have to wait until the next month when you will receive four new credits.

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