Our business model works on a community-based trust and sharing policy. If you have lost a game then unfortunately you will need to replace it and we will have to charge you a restocking fee.

Please contact us and our customer service team will look into it. We’ll asses the damage and see whether we can replace the damaged parts or need to replace the entire game.

Yes you are able to hire multiple games at once, provided the total value does not exceed four credits.

No, we cannot put games on reserve however you can put it on your Wishlist so it’s easy to find next time you place an order.

There may be times where your preferred game is not available and we apologise if this is the case. We constantly monitor how many games are hired and we purchase new and additional games each month. When we notice a particular game is very popular we buy additional copies to ensure as many of you as possible can hire it. We’re sorry if there is the occasional time where a game isn’t available at the time you’re looking to hire.

You will need an active subscription to hire a game. You are then able to add games to your Lazy Horse basket and easily go through the rental check-out process.

You can rent between 1 and 4 games at a time. You receive 4 credits each month and you can mix & match these credits however you like – find out more about credits here.

No, you can only have one order at a time. You will need to return the current games before you can hire new games.

In short, possibly. Send us a message via the Contact page and we will consider it. If we get multiple requests for the same game then we will certainly do our best.

Unfortunately we do not offer one-off rentals, you will need to sign up for one of our subscriptions. The shortest is 3 months.

Great games come in all sizes. Some of our games are pocket size and some take up an entire shelve on their own. We split our games into four categories based on weight.

Our mini games cost 1 credit, small games are 2 credits, standard games cost 3 credits and premium games are 4 credits.

Each month you can spend your four credits as you wish.

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