If you return your game late it’s not a major problem, however it will eat into your next rental time. For example: if you return a game one week late, your next rental period will be shortened by 1 week.

Our business model works on a community-based trust and sharing policy. If you have lost a game then unfortunately you will need to replace it and we will have to charge you a restocking fee.

Yes of course. You will be able to hire your next game at the start of the next month’s rental period.

If you damaged the returns box, or accidentally threw it away, please just use another box of similar size to return the game. Please do not return it in a plastic postal bag as this may damage the box that the game is in.

Lazy Horse Games subscriptions are non-refundable and not eligible for returns. Your subscription will end automatically at the end of your subscription period.

Lazy Horse Games rentals last for a month, so you need to return it one month after you ordered it (or any time before). There will be a leaflet inside your box which has the return date printed on it.

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