Choo choo! Trains: our current favourite games

Every board game is based around a theme. Using meeples (play pawns) and board design, the game designers can really show off their creativity. Today we’re talking about our current three favourite board games in the train category.

Ticket to Ride – a family favourite and true classic. This is what they call a “gateway game” – a game that allows people new to board gaming to join this exciting world. Ticket to Ride definitely delivers on that front; it is relatively easy to understand the rules, the board and meeples are fun and it really gives you a taste of how amazing this new world of board games is.

Colt Express – you cannot beat the 3D “board” with this game! You can’t even call it a board; you play the game on an amazing 3D train. The Schemin’ and Stealin’ element of this game is brilliant and a fun unusual way to play the game.

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue – a very enjoyable roll-and-write game. Players are in charge of their own road and railway tracks and you must try to connect as many exits on your grid system as possible. Once you’ve got the hang of it, try adding the rivers and lakes expansion! Visually it cannot be compared to Ticket to Ride or Colt Express, but it’s a thoroughly enjoyable quick 30-minute game that you’ll want to