What are Roll and Write Games?

Roll and write games are exactly as the name suggests – you roll the dice and then you write, or mark, something on a piece of paper or wipeable sheet. These are usually small and quick games. We think they’re … Read More

Cooperative games we love this month (June 2020)

Sometimes it’s really nice to just loose yourself in a game, especially when you play a cooperative game where you’re all in it together. We are particularly excited about playing these games this month: Forbidden Desert – From the creator … Read More

Choo choo! Trains: our current favourite games

Every board game is based around a theme. Using meeples (play pawns) and board design, the game designers can really show off their creativity. Today we’re talking about our current three favourite board games in the train category. Ticket to … Read More

Our current favourite mini games (April 2020)

If you have a Lazy Horse Games subscription, you will know that each month you can spend your four credits however you like. If you want to get the most games for your buck then you can choose to spend … Read More

All together now! Our current Top 3 cooperative games

Cooperative board games have brought a whole new dimension to game nights. Instead of playing against your family or friends, trying to think of ways to manipulate and beat them, you’re actually playing together for a cooperative win. These games … Read More

Top 5 games for 2-players

Whilst lots of games are suitable to be played with two players, not all of them are at their best with limited numbers. These are the 2-player games that we think stand out above the rest: Patchwork – yes, as … Read More

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