Guest Post: How to Teach Worker Placement Games

Have you ever wondered why you cannot learn certain games as well as others? Or felt confused why some people picked up the strategy in new games quicker than you? Perhaps it is as simple as this: some people already have a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of the game from playing similar games. This could enable them to move beyond the rules and background workings of the game. They are able to think about their moves and tactics instead.

5 Fantastic Family Games to Try in 2021

We think every family should try these five games at least once! If you’ve been given a Lazy Horse gift voucher, or perhaps signed yourselves up for a subscription, but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing games, let us try to help you out.

Like Cluedo? Try these games instead!

There’s been a Murder!!!Just kidding – but if you enjoy solving a good old-fashioned ‘who dunnit’ you’ve probably played Cluedo to death. So here are 5 Lazy Horse recommendations for games that are similar to the classic murder mystery board … Read More

5 board games to try if you like Monopoly

It’s the best selling board game of modern times. Hundreds of millions of copies of Monopoly have been bought since it was first published in 1935. At the last time of counting there exist over 1000 different versions of the … Read More

Our Favourite Spooky Halloween Board Games

Jack-O-Lanterns, haunted houses, skeletons, zombies, goblins…Halloween is nearly here! If you would like to organise your own spooky board game night on the 31st October we have listed our favourite board games. Get your family, pals or housemates ready for … Read More

Escape Room board games – Unlock!

As suggested by the name the objective is usually to escape a fictional room or place. These cooperative board games are great fun so get your thinking cap on! Escape Room (or Exit Game) board games are inspired by real-life … Read More

What are Roll and Write Games?

Roll and write games are exactly as the name suggests – you roll the dice and then you write, or mark, something on a piece of paper or wipeable sheet. These are usually small and quick games. We think they’re … Read More

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