All together now! Our current Top 3 cooperative games

Cooperative board games have brought a whole new dimension to game nights. Instead of playing against your family or friends, trying to think of ways to manipulate and beat them, you’re actually playing together for a cooperative win.

These games are great if you don’t like the mean or deceptive side of some traditional board games, or if you’re just a plain old bad loser (which to be honest, we’re probably all bad losers if we’re honest…) With cooperative games you work together, so you either all win or you all lose.

There are quite a few cooperative games, but this is our current Top 3:

  1. Pandemic. Whilst this may hit a little close to home, Pandemic is a brilliant game in which you try to cure the world of a global pandemic. Every time you play it, the game will unfold differently based on where your diseases strike first and what roles each of the players have.
  2. Burgle Bros. A great cat-and-mouse game. You and your crew are breaking into a highly secure building. Your aim is to crack the safe on each of the building’s 3 floors before escaping in your helicopter via the roof. On each floor there is a security guard who patrols the floor one room at a time. You must sneak your way to the safe without being caught on the same tile as the security guard.
  3. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game. Within the cooperative games, this is a fairly unique one. Not only are you working towards your common goal of survival, you also have your own personal missions to complete. Will you solely focus on your own mission whilst forgetting the greater cause, will you stay loyal to the group only to be betrayed by someone else at the end, or will you all be able to work together to survive?