Fancy a board game but not sure which one? Don’t want to buy a game because you’re not sure you’ll play it more than once or twice? We know the feeling!

With a Lazy Horse Games subscription you can rent up to 4 games a month. After this time you return the games to us and select your next ones. Get your partner, family or housemates ready for spending some fun quality time together!


We try to keep it as easy as possible to hire your board games:

  1. The Lazy Horse has invited you to join the party! Set up your account, subscribe and let the good times roll.
  2. You receive four credits each month. The cost to hire a game ranges from 1-4 credits, mix & match your credits as you like! See more details here.
  3. We post your games to you.
  4. Enjoy and play nicely; no cheating unless absolutely necessary! You can keep the games for a month before they need to be sent back to us.
  5. Return your games. A free returns label is included and you can re-use the delivery box for the return shipment.
  6. Receive four new credits and do it all again!

Our game deliveries & returns are carbon neutral!

We offset the carbon for every game delivery & return via our carbon offset partner Ecologi.

We are also a climate positive workforce. This means that we offset the entire carbon footprint of each employee, including emissions from their home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

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